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This team contributes leading decisions from Australia

Australia's Most Recent Decision

The most recent decision from Australia is Minister for Immigration and Citizenship v SZQOT, a decision rendered in Australia by the Full Federal Court on Oct 12, 2012, involving an applicant from Iraq. A brief summary of the facts of the case is: Shia Muslim from Iraq fears that he will be harmed if returned to Iraq because of his political opinion, and on account of his imputed religious views due to his marriage to a Thai woman of Sunni Muslim faith.

Courts in Australia

High Court
Full Federal Court
Refugee Review Tribunal
Federal Court
Federal Magistrates' Court

The National Coordinators for Australia are:

Anthony North

The Hon Anthony North is a Judge of the Federal Court of Australia. The Federal Court is a superior court of record which exercises both first instance and appellate jurisdiction. A large part of the Read More Read more

Michelle Foster

Dr Michelle Foster is an Associate Professor and Director of the International Refugee Law Research Programme in the Institute for International Law and the Humanities at Melbourne Law School. Her teaching and research interests Read More Read more