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This team contributes leading decisions from Japan

Japan's Most Recent Decision

The most recent decision from Japan is VTC v Japan, a decision rendered in Japan by the District Courts on Nov 12, 2010, involving an applicant from Myanmar. A brief summary of the facts of the case is: A single female of the Chin ethnicity has been arrested and detained for three months, and mistreated while held in detention by Burmese authorities, due to her political opinion (actively supporting an ethnic insurgent group in the home country).

Courts in Japan

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High Courts
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The National Coordinators for Japan are:

Shogo Watanabe

Mr. Shogo Watanabe is a Partner at Izumibashi Law Office in Tokyo, Japan and is Chairperson of the Japanese Federation of Bar Association's Committee for Research on Refugee Issues.


Masako Suzuki

Ms. Suzuki is currently a Junior Partner in the Izumibashi law office in Tokyo, Japan. She received her LLM from the University of Virginia in 2004, and has been a committee member since 2001 on the Japan Lawyer's Network for Refugees.


Daisuke Sugimoto

Daisuke Sugimoto is the Secretariat for the Japan Lawyers' Network for Refugees (JLNR), a volunteer organization that assists asylum seekers with refugee status determination procedures.