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Nexus (2001)

The second Colloquium, convened in March 2001, issued "The Michigan Guidelines on Nexus to a Convention Ground", which define the meaning and application of the "for reasons of" clause in the refugee definition (now presented in English, French, Russian and Arabic.)

Contributing Legal Scholars

  • T. Alexander Aleinikoff - Georgetown University
  • Catherine Dauvergne - University of Sydney
  • Suzanne J. Egan - University College Dublin
  • Rodger P.G. Haines, Q.C. - Auckland University Faculty of Law and Deputy Chairperson of the New Zealand Refugee Status Appeals Authority
  • James C. Hathaway - University of Michigan
  • Michael Kagan - Cairo Asylum and Refugee Aid Project
  • Walter Kälin - University of Bern
  • Jens Vedsted-Hansen - Aarhus University