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Protection Elsewhere (2006)

The fourth Colloquium, convened in November 2006, took up the question of the lawfulness of rules and procedures that purport to assign the responsibility to protect refugees to some country other than that in which the refugee has sought, or intends to seek, protection (eg. "country of first arrival," "safe third country," and extraterritorial processing rules and practices). Participants unanimously issued the "Michigan Guidelines on Protection Elsewhere" (now presented in English, French, Russian and Arabic.)

Contributing Legal Scholars

  • Mariano-Florentino Cuellar - Stanford University
  • Michelle Foster - University of Melbourne
  • Maryellen Fullerton - Brooklyn Law School
  • Mary Ellen O'Connell - University of Notre Dame
  • Rodger Haines - Auckland University Faculty of Law and Deputy Chairperson of the New Zealand Refugee Status Appeals Authority
  • James C. Hathaway - University of Michigan
  • Justice A.M. North - Federal Court of Australia, President, Intl. Association of Refugee Law Judges
  • Guglielmo Verdirame - Cambridge University
  • Marjoleine Zieck - University of Amsterdam