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Q.Objection to perfom Military Service
By Davoud (Auckland, New Zealand, New Zealand) On Oct 21, 2012 Public
Concepts : Military service, refusal to perform
Description : Is it correct to say that states' right to draft their nationals for "compulsory" military service is limited to draft such persons for its "army" to defend the country against foreign aggression and protect their sovereignty? So, if the state deploys conscripts for "domestic" police force to enforce highly religious moral and dress codes and/or to suppress political dissent, does the state still enjoy the internationally recognised right to draft its nationals? I have an Iranian asylum seeker who objects to perform military service in Iran amongst other things also because the government assigns conscripts to the domestic police force(for their entire conscription period of 2 years). The assignment is random between the 'conventional' army and the police. I think Iran is the only country in the world that deploys conscripts for civilian police force. Also Iranian constitution declares the army as an 'Islamic Army" the objective: protect Islamic values. My client is not a Muslim.

Replied By Ruma (London, United Kingdom) On Dec 4, 2013

you might want to look at the recently released UNHCR guidelines on claims to refugee status and military service.