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Q.Americanized Mexican Brought Over At Five Fears Re-Kidnapping
By Trimelda (Idaho Falls, Idaho, United States) On Aug 20, 2013 Public
Asylum Country : United States,
Summary : Got a guy who was brought over at the age of five by his parents. Grew up in the States, received a SS# and got a valid Idaho ID due to his father's Resident Alien status petition for a Visa. Visa was approved but needed to be updated because it took four years for them to process it. While this was going on, the young man got arrested for a DUI. His status was disclosed and he was deported due to a lawyer and local ICE who overlooked any status he might have had at the time. When he got there he was recognized as an Americanized Mexican and kidnapped by a gang and held for ransom. The family had to pay a ransom for him. The gang dumped him back where he married his sweetheart from high school and had two children. He was arrested again for disturbing the peace at a family party. He was then deported and the same men who had kidnapped him in 2008 were waiting for him(!) He made it across the border. Now he faces deportation and kidnapping again. What would be his refugee status?

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