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Well-Founded Fear (2004)

The third Colloquium, convened in March 2004, issued the "Michigan Guidelines on Well-Founded Fear." These Guidelines explain why the focus of this aspect of the refugee definition is fundamentally objective, even as it requires that account be taken of the particular circumstances of each applicant for refugee status (now presented in English, French, Russian and Arabic.)

Contributing Legal Scholars

  • Jenny Bedlington - Principal of JennGen Consulting
  • Ryan Goodman - Harvard Law School
  • Kay Hailbronner - University of Konstanz (Germany)
  • Rodger Haines - Auckland University Faculty of Law and Deputy Chairperson of the New Zealand Refugee Status Appeals Authority
  • James C. Hathaway - University of Michigan
  • Stephen Legomsky - Washington University School of Law
  • Pene Mathew - Australian National University Law School
  • Gregor Noll - University of Lund (Sweden)
  • Catherine Phuong - University of Newcastle Law School (United Kingdom)